Solar power South Africa has ramped up its green credentials by unveiling a number of new and exciting solar power projects. With the combination of the Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP) and business and residential independent power producers, South Africa is well on its way to becoming a global leader of green energy.

Wiki-Solar recently ranked South Africa 10th globally for solar power, according to figures released at the end of 2015. With a number of utility-scale photovoltaic power plants still in the developmental stage, and a number of new projects in the pipeline, we hope to see South Africa shoot up even higher in the ranks.

Let’s look at some of the exciting solar power projects taking shape around the country.


George Airport – Africa’s First Solar Powered Airport

Located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, George Airport will meet 41% of its energy demand from a brand new 200 square metre solar power plant built on its grounds.

This project is part of the Department of Transport’s commitment to reduce the load on the country’s constrained power grid and to contribute towards sustainable development.

The solar power facility is comprised of 3 000 photovoltaic modules and will gradually increase capacity to deliver 750 kW power when it reaches full production.

This ground-breaking initiative shows us that government understands the potential that solar power offers and that it’s on track in transitioning South Africa to a low-carbon, climate resilient and resource efficient economy and society.


Latest in South Africa’s REIPPP

Near the end of 2015, the South African government announced a number of new projects in the fourth round of the REIPPP, bringing the total number of approved projects up to 79.

One of the latest solar energy projects which forms part of this programme is the 86 MW photovoltaic farm that will begin construction in the Northern Cape in 2017.

The project was awarded to China-based JA Solar and two South African partners, Black Enterprise Empowerment and Solar Capital. The industrial-size solar farm will use JA Solar’s P310 W high efficiency multi-crystalline silicon modules.


Latest Solar Projects by Soventix

As a leading name in solar power South Africa, Soventix is proud to play a role in elevating South Africa as a global leader in renewable energy.

Our 212 kW rooftop solar solution in Durban is aiding Mr Price in their endeavour to reduce their energy costs and consumption, as well as cutting their carbon footprint.

Our thrilling 150.52 kW grid-tied solar project in Gauteng has begun to take shape, providing our client with a reliable energy solution that aims to cut energy costs.


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