While South Africa is leading the push towards clean energy, solar power Africa is not too far behind. This is evidenced by Morocco recently turning on the first part of Noor complex, the soon-to-be world’s largest concentrated large scale solar plant. The entire project aims to be fully completed by 2018.

When completed, the Noor complex, a massive solar farm covering 1 000 acres outside of Ouarzazate in Morocco, will become the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been marked as prime location for solar power infrastructure based on a number of factors. The region offers massive amounts of undeveloped space that frequently receive powerful sunlight. There is also a great need for cost effective and efficient energy production in the region.

The nearby city of Ouarzazate has experienced many problems, like malfunctioning hospital equipment, as a result of inadequate power generation. The Noor complex project is expected to significantly benefit the region.

Morocco currently makes use of imported fossil fuels for 97% of its energy consumption. The Noor project forms part of the country’s effort to set up and implement sustainable power plants which aim to cover 42% of Morocco’s power needs by 2020.


Understanding Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)


Concentrated Solar Power plants do not harness energy in the same way that typical solar cells do. A typical solar solution, such as what Soventix specialises in, generates electricity from light through semiconductors that are subjected to the photovoltaic effect.

Concentrated Solar Power plants, on the other hand, use lenses or mirrors in order to concentrate sunlight onto a small area. This creates concentrated heat that heats up a liquid in order to create steam and drive a turbine to generate energy.


Unique Energy Storing at Noor Complex


The Noor complex solar plant uses a unique method to store energy during the night. This is done by using solar thermal energy in order to melt cylinders full of salt that are able to retain their heat sufficiently enough to provide three hours of power after the sun has gone down.


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