Soventix has been closely following the creative solar energy Solar Impulse 2 initiative and its quest to circle the globe without using a single drop of fuel. When last we checked in, the craft had just completed its historic 7 200 km flight across the Pacific Ocean, touching down in Hawaii. While the plane suffered some setbacks due to overheating batteries which left it grounded, it’s just about ready to resume the exciting quest.

After being halted some 19 957 km into its epic 35 000 km flight, the team has completed its repairs. Repairs included the installation of new batteries, stabilisation and cooling systems, enabling it to take to the air once again in a 90-minute test flight. The test flight saw the plane ascend to 2 438 m (8 000ft) above the Pacific Ocean, allowing the crew to observe the new renewable energy system in action and report that everything ran according to plan.

Since the first test flight, two further flights have been conducted with the aim of allowing Swiss aviator, Bertrant Piccard, the chance to re-familiarise himself with the aircraft’s system and handling. Airbrakes and emergency procedures were also tested during these flights.

Following the success of further test flights that aim to simulate night and day conditions, the team are confident that the next leg of their around-the-world journey will continue near the end of April. This journey will see the Solar Impulse 2 take off near Pearl Harbour on the island of Oahu as it heads towards Phoenix, Arizona. If all goes as planned, the craft will then head from Phoenix to New York and then take a trans-Atlantic trip to Europe that would eventually see it returning home to Abu Dhabi in the UAE.


What does this mean for the Future of Solar Power?

Soventix recognises the massive and necessary potential that solar power technology offers. With the constantly rising price of electricity, an increasing number of individuals in both the residential and commercial sectors have begun acknowledging the many benefits that solar power solutions can offer.

The Solar Impulse team said it best by noting that very often we find big obstacles, but very often those big obstacles lead us to find a better way.

Soventix strives to provide clients with effective and efficient solar solutions that will help them overcome future obstacles.


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