If you think that Brad and Angelina are the perfect match, then you obviously haven’t realised the many advantages that solar power and farming offer.

Thanks to recent solar technology advances and the constantly rising price of electricity from the grid, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are no longer something that you only see on a select number of roofs around South Africa. Solar power solutions can play a vital role in cutting energy costs and allow you to beat load shedding.

We all know that solar power is great for heating water, but did you know that the perfect farming solar solutions can provide you with many other useful functions across the agricultural sector too?


Harvest More from Nature with Soventix


As a leading name in solar power EPC, all you need to do is sit back and relax while Soventix gets the job done from inception to completion – and beyond!


Lock in your savings by going solar! How much is fuel for generators and power from the national grid costing you? We will test sustainability, economic value and ecological value, allowing us to provide you with accurate cost estimates. Cut your energy costs and save with solar power!


Solar is easy! From concept to project and beyond, our extensive planning will keep you 100% informed and covered.


Low upfront! Gone are the days where solar power installation left your bank account crying. Through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and solar financing, solar power installation has become available to the masses.


Complete maintenance is offered by Soventix, which includes solar panel cleaning and area maintenance.


Total experience! With over 15 years of solar experience, a quick look at our completed projects is all that’s required to prove that our client’s leave smiling.


Where many see an open field or an empty rooftop, we see an effective and efficient solar power project waiting to take shape!

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