After the load shedding scare experienced midway through April, South Africans were once again reminded about the realities of our ageing fleet of power stations and the possibilities of load shedding peering its horrible head out once more.

On the 12th of April 2016 during power system stress-testing, multiple trips of units at three power stations were experienced. These trips of units resulted in a loss of 3 535 MW, forcing Eskom to stabilise the power grid using five diesel generators.

According to Eskom, the problem arose after an earth fault at the high voltage yard at Tutuka power station. Due to the interconnectedness of the power system, two units at the Drakensberg Pumped Storage and three units of the Majuba power station were offline.


Future of Load Shedding in South Africa


Eskom seems confident that the South African load shedding situation has become a thing of the past. Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, announced in her National Assembly budget speech that there is no forecast for load shedding in the winter months to come. She added that Eskom has also managed to reduce its diesel costs from R800m to R40m since October last year.

While Eskom remains positive, stating that load shedding was avoided after the multiple trips due to the resilience of the power system, the confidence of many South African consumers remains low.


Economic Slowdown Ends Load Shedding


While the load shedding schedule remains positive, many economists feel that the outlook has less to do with what the state power utility is doing and more to do with an economic slowdown. With the drop of energy demand in the mining sector, added to the fact that many homes and businesses have turned to solar power energy solutions as a way to beat the rising energy tariffs, load shedding may be gone – but for how long?

According to Soventix power experts, if the commodities situation improves over the next year, the likelihood of power cuts returning will be greatly increased.


Eskom’s Plan to Ensure Maintenance without Load Shedding


The latest Eskom news states that there is a robust plan in place to ensure that maintenance can take place without the threat of load shedding. A major aspect of the plan includes a strict winter and summer maintenance budget that comprises 11.5GW for summer and 8.5GW for winter.


Going Solar with Soventix


With the uncertainty and unreliability of the national energy grid, added to the rising electricity tariffs in South Africa, going solar is an attractive solution that many homes and businesses have already turned to.

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