Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill at Home

There are loads of ways to save electricity around the house that won’t end up costing you a thing. Load shedding might already be lightening your electricity bill but you’ll be able to reduce it even further with a few practical tips for around the house.


1. Consider switching off to save

When not in use, consider switching things off to save power. If you aren’t in the room, leave the lights off. The same goes for your appliances. TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, and sound systems should all be turned off when not in use. In some cases these might even need to be unplugged as they still consume electricity when switched off. Also, turning your geyser off and on can be handled via a timer, ensuring that water is only heated when needed.

2. Waste not, want not – why you shouldn’t wait to insulate

Geyser insulation is another option homeowners can look into. Once heated, your geyser’s temperature will drop over time. Electricity is then used to try and keep this temperature constant. If you can moderate the rate at which the geyser loses heat, you’ll take some control over how much electricity it uses. So insulating your geyser by keeping it covered using either a geyser blanket, heavy-duty aluminium foil or a run-of-the-mill household blanket can help cut your energy use.

3. How much electricity are you sinking into your pool?

Keeping a clean swimming pool can be quite taxing because pumps and filters are hefty contributors to your monthly electricity consumption. However, by reducing the running time on these devices, you can eventually figure out how long they need to operate to keep your pool looking clean. You can further cut down on how much time is needed by investing in a pool cover or simply by cleaning the pool filter more regularly.

4. Hot or not? – Wizening up with water

Monitoring hot water usage is another way to reduce your electricity bill. If you’re shaving, rather fill the basin as opposed to leaving a tap running. The same can be said when it comes to washing up. Rather wash items in a filled sink as opposed to cleaning them one by one. Also, although it might be a bit chilly, our hands can be washed with cold water.

5. Sometimes saving is about having a good head on your shoulders showers


A short shower always beats a bath, both in terms of electricity and water consumption. This usage can be curbed further simply by changing out one showerhead for another more efficient one. An economical showerhead means you’ll be using less water per shower and, thus, less electricity to heat the water you’re using.
All of us as homeowners can take some control over our monthly electricity bills if we’re a bit more savvy with the energy we’re already using.

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