Beat the Darkness of Load Shedding With Solar Backup Power!

With load shedding schedules causing havoc on a grand scale, many households and businesses are consequently suffering serious inconveniences, with the latter also losing business and money each time the power goes off. As a result, reliable and cost-effective alternative energy sources are much needed!


As many know, solar power is an alternative and renewable energy source that needs no real introduction to the market place. Just about everyone has heard of the wonders of solar energy, which is why it’s such a pity that more households have not yet taken the step towards converting their homes to solar power! Better still, solar power with backup batteries provides an effective means of remaining lit up and powered up during load shedding times.


While some choose to make use of generators during load shedding, this can become a tedious chore. Generators can be expensive, are extremely noisy (especially to those with sensitive hearing), some can be difficult to start-up, and most importantly, they can also be costly because of the fuel they use. So, if you’re looking for a greener alternative – solar power is the backup power option of choice.


For those who want to stay connected to the national grid and simply have a minor backup power system to use, solar panels is a great option. Solar systems that are linked to a backup or storage battery are great, as sufficient solar power can be stored to serve your home for a certain period of time.


How does it work?


Well, actually much the same as a regular solar panel system does – the sun’s energy is converted into electricity, which is stored in the solar panel system’s backup battery. This stored up energy is then only accessed when there is a power outage.


At Soventix, we design customised backup power kits to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our backup power kits are made up of batteries and/or generators that offer sufficient power to run a few essential appliances during load shedding hours – just what you need to get you through those few hours of scheduled darkness! 
Soventix, a Western Cape-based business that specialises in the building and operating of solar farms in sub-Saharan Africa, can assist you with all of your solar backup power needs. For more information and advice on using solar power with a backup battery kit as an alternative energy source during load shedding, feel free to contact our team today. We can bring light back into your life…so to speak!


27 thoughts on “Beat the Darkness of Load Shedding With Solar Backup Power!

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  2. Brett Chrystal on says:

    I would like to install PV panels on my roof in Parkhurst, JHB. I would like to know more about what the ratio is between the number of panels required versus the power generated and stored, and the cost related to this to see whether it is feasible to install PV or not.

    In other words are 2 panels enough for lights only, are 4 panels enough for lights and stove etc. and what are the costs invovled in these options.

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  4. Jonathan on says:

    Hi. I am looking for a load shedding kit to power essential appliances in my home for the 2-3 hours of load sheddding. I have a few questions about the automation of the system. will I have to activate the system everytime there is load shedding or will it take over automatically? If it does take over automatically how does it choose the essential appliances and not the whole house? I would like to have access to 1500kW of power.

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  7. Peter Martin on says:

    Info & costs of a solar backup system to operate 3 lights, microwave +- 40 minutes,
    TV +- 4 hours, PC +- 2 hrs

  8. Jeanette Louw on says:

    Hi, I would like to find out and get an idea of cost to install a solar panel with battery back up for our restaurant and also a solution for the extractor and maybe one microwave in the kitchen.
    Hear from you soon.

  9. Can you please send me more information re the types/sizes of products you sell as well as the prices involved.
    Thank you

  10. Hi,

    How much would a back up power kit cost (no generator – batteries only) for approximately 10 lights, my LED tv and DSTV? And how much would the installation cost me and does it come with a CoC?



  11. Daphne Wilkin on says:

    Dear Sirs,

    We are looking for a home solar power installation with battery backup, not only for use during load shedding, but also to lessen our municipal power use. We are in Rondebosch. Home Telephone No. 021 6856380.
    I don’t doubt that you are extremely busy. If you have a waiting list, would you please give me an idea of how long the wait is likely to be.
    Daphne Wilkin

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  14. Elizabeth Taku on says:


    I need advice on solar power use.


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  18. Mark Weston on says:

    Please contact me to provide me with quotes

  19. Hi
    We’re looking for products to market to help beat load shedding

  20. Roger Lagesse on says:

    Info on home backup system please

  21. Im looking for a quotation to convert my home energy via solar and one for just a backup when loadshedding.

  22. Barry Hildebrand on says:

    I am interested in a solar powered back-up system for “minor” domestic appliances for when load shedding occurs. I live in Constantia, Cape Town

  23. Louise Dudley on says:

    I live in Stellenbosch and I’m looking for a solar backup power kit for our house – only to use during load shedding to keep a couple of lights and some electronics on. Can you help? You can contact me on 083 635 1510. Kind regards, Louise Dudley

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