Beat load shedding with our battery backup systems

What is a battery backup system?


The battery backup solar power system is connected to the power grid and a battery bank. When the grid is working properly your home or business will draw power from it as well as any solar panels you may have installed.


Extra power generated by the solar panels is stored in the backup batteries, so the event of load shedding the system will draw power from the backup batteries and use the solar panels to recharge them.


Unlike stand-alone solar battery backup technology,  this system is connected to the power grid and battery bank. It has direct current (DC) and alternating currents (AC) moving through it and therefore requires different components. These are:


Photovoltaic Solar Panels


Solar panels must be configured to produce more power than the battery banks require to charge.


To explain, a 12V battery will use 14.4V to charge.


Therefore a solar panel with a Voc of about 20V is required to charge a 12V battery.


Charge Controllers


Their two main functions are:


To protect batteries from overcharge by switching off the power flow from the solar panels when they are charged. Power then flows directly to the inverter and appliances.


To protect batteries from negative flow. This happens when little or no power is produced and power flows from the batteries to the solar panels. This is usually very little, but should be prevented.




Batteries in these solar systems are in a constant state of charging and discharging. Therefore you need deep cycle batteries. Good deep cycle batteries require high charging efficiency, low charging currents and low self-discharge.




Inverters turn DC power that comes from the batteries into AC, which is what most of the appliances in the house run on.


Where would this system work best?


A system such as this is ideal in areas where the power supply is erratic, and there are regular power outages of that last between two to four hours. This is also a very good system for those who rely on critical equipment that has to run 24 hours a day.




  • In the long run this system will result in power savings
  • During power outages equipment will still be able to run because of power from the batteries
  • Over time this system can be expanded and upgraded to the extent where you can go almost entirely off the grid


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